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What It's Like To Wear $900 High Heels Designed By A Former SpaceX Exec

Информация о видео What It's Like To Wear $900 High Heels Designed By A Former SpaceX Exec

Название :  What It's Like To Wear $900 High Heels Designed By A Former SpaceX Exec
Продолжительность :   03:01:41
Пользователь :  id 890576319549
Дата публикации :   20200530
Просмотры :   44 тыс. просмотров
Понравилось :   1,184
Не понравилось :   24

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Комментарии к видео What It's Like To Wear $900 High Heels Designed By A Former SpaceX Exec

These are basically just 900$ platforms.
Комментарий от : The6thMessenger

joey s
i love highheels that are elegant like from the 30s, 40s. These monsters are ugly!
Комментарий от : joey s

Heewon S
I'm sure after this clip, she went back and said I want my $900 back.
Комментарий от : Heewon S

But do they come larger than US size 10?
Комментарий от : Shadowsa2b

Please, rocket scientists, if you send astronauts into space, please bring them back safely. We have sent more than one moon mission with men without a glitch, and since then, have retrogressed to the point of losing many lives just by exiting the earth's atmosphere! Something doesn't add up. Let women do their thing with what they do -- and let the rocket science, at least, help keep us safe and -- let the sexy go!
Комментарий от : eddyvideostar

To the rocket scientists: There is a physiological problem for many known as metatarsalgia: This is a painful condition when the fat padding of the feet are worn and one is literally walking on bone. This is not easy -- and arduous with heels. No material invented could possibly make a high-heel shoe comfortable for people with or near this condition.
Комментарий от : eddyvideostar

The shoes are way to small for her
Комментарий от : aquatika

not like 2 high WTC WTC heels soles shoes...
must be banned all high WTC WTC heels soles shoes...
the shoes companys musts stop makes high WTC WTC heels soles shoes...
better use 2 flat heels soles shoes, normal shoes, plain shoes, sport shoes, sandal shoes...
important for the foot sakes and healthly...
but the bare nake nude foots are the best healthly

Комментарий от : bestamerica

You say "executive" in the title, then "recruiter" in both the description and the video itself. A "recruiter" is not an "executive". Come on.
Комментарий от : Angel

louis cyfer
why would astronauts know anything about biomechanics and shoe design? why do you need a bunch of them? it looks like shit, ill fitting and of course it is easier to walk in when it is laced up all the way. btw, learn how to walk in heels, this was horrible.
Комментарий от : louis cyfer

She can’t walk in heels
Комментарий от : 這種情況

Vivian Tran
$900 just 900 dollars. Yea that's "such" a good deal. I "politely" decline. I'd rather save that $900 on my Netflix addiction.
Комментарий от : Vivian Tran

Crystal Ruiz
Someone get this girl shoes that fit...if they cost 900 they better be custom fit
Комментарий от : Crystal Ruiz

Alma Lacuesta
Which one will you pick? Hamiltom the musical or this high heels? Mmmmmm....
Комментарий от : Alma Lacuesta

High heels hurt no matter how comfortable you make it
Комментарий от : nyaki

Pressure on the toe? Your not supposed to walk on your to
Комментарий от : Aaron

Joshua Rivers
Eh I'll wear it but $900 is a little much for a shoe that has no designs or embellishments on it.
Комментарий от : Joshua Rivers

Just 900$.
Комментарий от : Hammad

some singh did that lol (indian) obviously not gonna work out ,
if u see football(not rugby) they are the 1st ones to use the cable type lock down for foot to the sole , check Nike magista or superfly (flyknit technology)

Комментарий от : r.ajars.hi7

Savannah Chism
fuck 900 dollars if I don't want my feet to hurt while wearing heels I'd just put in good soles. and not wear them for long periods of time on lengths on end. I mean damn plus 900 for one of the most ugliest pairs of shoes I've seen in my life? screw that!!!!
Комментарий от : Savannah Chism

Get thee to a podiatrist! use a foot model.
Комментарий от : egads2

Martin The Panda
We'll see how big your hammer toe is when you're 50.
Комментарий от : Martin The Panda

900$ "entirely justifiable" .
Lmao. Yeah right.
Most people would feel much more comfortable in sneakers and 900$ in cash in their pocket.

Комментарий от : GabKoost

For $900 a pair, I better have an O with every step!
Комментарий от : karenamanda1958

Maxwell Henley
they look like they are squeezing your flesh way too much.
Комментарий от : Maxwell Henley

Mom ! Throw those shitty heels you've been buying online!
Комментарий от : ruzzell907

paid promotion ALERT!!! She tested the shoes for 30 to 45 mins and states the most comfortable shoes yay right
Комментарий от : Percocet

Epic Screen name
Комментарий от : Epic Screen name

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