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Shadow Fight 3 testing all legendary weapons with maximum level 16 pluck

Информация о видео Shadow Fight 3 testing all legendary weapons with maximum level 16 pluck

Название :  Shadow Fight 3 testing all legendary weapons with maximum level 16 pluck
Продолжительность :   03:01:16
Пользователь :  id 723405818690
Дата публикации :   20200403
Просмотры :   5,2 тыс. просмотров
Понравилось :   989
Не понравилось :   64

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Taekwondo We Will Win
Epic perk max lv is 17. You can search đỏ mor information at SF3 wikipedia
Комментарий от : Taekwondo We Will Win

Alex Parker
For me the best dynasty weapon is shuang gou. Works every time.
Комментарий от : Alex Parker

Tariful Islam
I think “fireflies" is the best weapon in shadow fight 3 . If you agreed hit a like 👇👍
Комментарий от : Tariful Islam

Tariful Islam
Bro you are a great fighter 👍👍
Комментарий от : Tariful Islam

tHE CreePeR
@Hulksden Gaming Rolling waves has 17 because once it was a rare move.Now is an epic one, so was buffed, additional level beeing added. But as a perk i think that maximum is 16
Комментарий от : tHE CreePeR

sentinel 94
Crown defenders most effective shocking weapon with harsh wind never fails 95% shock
Комментарий от : sentinel 94

phuc truong quang
Fakik :* beat the player by spamming
Hulksen : Hold my beer 🍺

Комментарий от : phuc truong quang

Bayot Gaming
Crown defender wins. 😁
Комментарий от : Bayot Gaming

HDHero 234000
#HulksdenGaming,here comes more plans for the Shadow Fight 3 transformation story mode, check out the Shadow Fight 2 & 3 Facebook page.

Комментарий от : HDHero 234000

Anne De guzman
epic perk max level.is 17 not 16
Комментарий от : Anne De guzman

sohum padhye
The invisible man has axes
Комментарий от : sohum padhye

Straits Pirate
Nunchuck, staff n crown Def gives the best result
Комментарий от : Straits Pirate

Soubarna Das
I think next time your oppenent never equipped weapen. 😂
Комментарий от : Soubarna Das

Hyacinth Claudio
I only nid helm to complete guardian dragon
Комментарий от : Hyacinth Claudio

Sub-zero mk11 Gamer
Bro i Love it elemard claw im level 25 but is not gift box chapter iv is june dyntast coming soon have elemard claw ☺
Комментарий от : Sub-zero mk11 Gamer

Limited AA plays Gg
Well basically the best weapon for shock is crown defenders
Комментарий от : Limited AA plays Gg

shavi vittal
my pluck is at 13
Комментарий от : shavi vittal

shavi vittal
deer horns work almost everytime and please tell me some ways to use nightmare set
Комментарий от : shavi vittal

Ajinkay Kawder
Can i stay at level 27 for gloomy specter and judge set only armours are missing can i stay for both or go to next level
Комментарий от : Ajinkay Kawder

Everything Craftastic
once can u try the set which i said in the last vdo..? bcoz using it u can get amazing damage and i have finished the event without getting knocked even 1 time so pls
Комментарий от : Everything Craftastic

Everything Craftastic
For me it is composite glaive
Комментарий от : Everything Craftastic

Baba Khan
the queen of damage and mother of shocks, the best of best Crown Defender ❣️
Комментарий от : Baba Khan

Orange Man
Yukka on the thumbnail is regh
Комментарий от : Orange Man

Bolo ಥ_ಥ
Level 17 is max :v
Комментарий от : Bolo ಥ_ಥ

sai Kalyan
No bro
Комментарий от : sai Kalyan

Stefan Georgiev
And when I buy that perks the other perks i can't upgraded for level 13. I cant understand why nekki doing that
Комментарий от : Stefan Georgiev

Stefan Georgiev
In the store
Комментарий от : Stefan Georgiev

Stefan Georgiev
For the perks. When I was in chapter 3 i buy accumulation and that perks was level13
Комментарий от : Stefan Georgiev

Stefan Georgiev
I think you are the best shadow fighter like Arifo and non stop gaming
Комментарий от : Stefan Georgiev

ShadowOfThe Snow
Best weapon in the game crown defender with harshwind..shock works great
Комментарий от : ShadowOfThe Snow

Zero 0
I think nekki changed limit of rare perks to level 12 and epic perks to leave 16. I got lots of rare perks stuck at 12 and haven't seen em at store for level 13 for a year.
Комментарий от : Zero 0

Yogesh Jethva
Today i have a item GOLDEN CRESCENTS but price 76,10,000 😭😭😭
Комментарий от : Yogesh Jethva

Tania Shome
I use backstaber and it is absolutely beautiful with the hold attack of flying jade and deer horns
But in this case i think the most effective would be the nunchaks nevertheless i like both of them the same

Комментарий от : Tania Shome

You had to use guandao to shock your enemy but you were just doing shadow attacks.
Комментарий от : AJEET KUMAR SINGH

bruh bruh
Lol i played a side quest and it give me a crown defender
Комментарий от : bruh bruh

shadow gaming tv
8:41 bay nguyên nửa cây hp
Комментарий от : shadow gaming tv

wolfywolf[pn,pl] paws
You can over max it to 18
Комментарий от : wolfywolf[pn,pl] paws

Man those perks make you do so much damage
Once I get them ima defeat these events

Комментарий от : TehnoobGamingRBLX

wolfywolf[pn,pl] paws
4:35 instant shock
3 hit combo

Комментарий от : wolfywolf[pn,pl] paws

wolfywolf[pn,pl] paws
4:05 ,that hurts on a million ways
Комментарий от : wolfywolf[pn,pl] paws

wolfywolf[pn,pl] paws
I just discovered your guandao backstabber techniques before you posted that
Комментарий от : wolfywolf[pn,pl] paws

Ratnshil Lokhande
Awosme video bro thanks for uploading
Sharing and liked this video. Keep creating such videos.
#Love from #India #Solapur

Комментарий от : Ratnshil Lokhande

wolfywolf[pn,pl] paws
The ultimate shock machine is this two
The chain knife(with whiplash)

Комментарий от : wolfywolf[pn,pl] paws

1st:Composite Glaive
2nd:Shuang Gou


Sakaria N
Golden Crescents
With Scrapper its a 5 hit combo consisting of 4 Head hits you are almost guaranteed a shock
Crown Defender
With Harsh Winds

Комментарий от : Sakaria N

3:28 Hulksen combo II.
You are so evil.

Комментарий от : HÒA NGUYỄN VĂN

R&M 21
Комментарий от : R&M 21

Gyanendra Maharana
Комментарий от : Gyanendra Maharana

gokul murthy
bro...have you noticed that even the pluck perk does not work against some bosses like MONKEY KING , DRACULA...why is that
Комментарий от : gokul murthy

gokul murthy
i have level 16 pluck...but i have got two more cards from the ability chest...so the higher epic perk maybe at level 17
Комментарий от : gokul murthy

Jason Chow
Bro, your videos are very satisfying. Especially when you shock them
Комментарий от : Jason Chow

Best weapons to activate pluck
1.Shoung gou with harsh wind
2.Deer horn with epic special move
3.Sabers with legendary special move ( tornado or whatever its name is )
5. Chain knife ( basic Attack will do.. cause special attack has less head shots )
6.Dadao ( with basic attack)
7.Staff ( but combos are less so difficult to pluck, but somehow if u can manage high no. of combo hits it will do )

Комментарий от : 01nikhlesh

Manjunath Rao Power
Today My Store Appear Fullry lvl 20 with 8670 Gems Bro. Damn Expensive Bro 😨😣☹️
Комментарий от : Manjunath Rao Power

Sabyasachi Murmu
Bro! I have only level 13 pluck😔
Комментарий от : Sabyasachi Murmu

Alfee Shahrin
You saved the best for the last didn't you? Anyway this perk just doesn't seem to work for me when I'm fighthing the boss. 😅😅😅
Комментарий от : Alfee Shahrin

samar mondal
Defet him to katana . i have only more power full is katana .😁😁😁😁😁
Комментарий от : samar mondal

Toàn Ngô
Good video bro 👍
My from vietnamese

Комментарий от : Toàn Ngô

Ricky Singh
Very easy and useless event for me cuz rewards are not worth having already won the event several times now I don't to play cuz I don't need useless upgrades
Комментарий от : Ricky Singh

Sai Kumar
How to get one piece of 1 set please tell me
Комментарий от : Sai Kumar

Sai Kumar
I have all but one one has been not I am getting
Комментарий от : Sai Kumar

Huy Nguyen Quang
probably Shuang gou, nunchucks(basic/spinning attacks and ape rampage), deer horns and chain knife are the most lethal when it comes with this insane pummeling plucker.
Not just packing high combo, these are the most capable of dealing head hits efficiently. So it’s checkmate;)

Комментарий от : Huy Nguyen Quang

Stevy Otieno
That whip sound is always music to my ears 😁...Level 16 is the maximum? am at level 15!
Crown Defender is the mother of all shocks without any doubt.

Комментарий от : Stevy Otieno

Sukman Singh
Its 17
Комментарий от : Sukman Singh

DavidOlayz Of
Damm i might switch to dynasty because of this ability Great Video As Always!
Комментарий от : DavidOlayz Of

Deepak Reddy Karri
Hulksden I want u to make videos on call of duty mobile
Комментарий от : Deepak Reddy Karri

Dragoneir 78
I think composite glaive and dadao is the best weapon for shocking,because I used them with pluck,not as high as yours, but still very good at shocking opponents
Комментарий от : Dragoneir 78

Anto Ni
I have still level 15 pluck...
I think the best dynasty weapon with pluck is composite glaive,nunchaku,saber,and shuang gou

Комментарий от : Anto Ni

amazing content it was really entertaining
Комментарий от : Tom

Shadow Sting
Crown defender is the best weapon 💪💪
Комментарий от : Shadow Sting

sarath kumar
Vera level bro
Комментарий от : sarath kumar

Bastian Tangkuman
If Pvp Is added,I wanna try to fight Hulksden gaming maybe he will win or me will win
Комментарий от : Bastian Tangkuman

Bastian Tangkuman
I wish I have So many Legendary Weapons
Комментарий от : Bastian Tangkuman

Bastian Tangkuman
Wow this event is so Awesome
Комментарий от : Bastian Tangkuman

Sandeep Rawal
I have doubt in new event I have completed all fights n also defeated fakar n opened premium event booster but did not receive 300 point can anyone help?
Комментарий от : Sandeep Rawal

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