This Ridiculous Flotation Device Explodes From Your Wrist
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This Ridiculous Flotation Device Explodes From Your Wrist

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Добавлено by Анатолий В Пуховик
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Inflatable anti-drowning device sits on your wrist like a mini life raft
Forget water wings. The flotation device hangs out on your wrist, waiting to save you when you go under the water and need a lift back to the surface.

SHUI BAO BAO Survival Gasbag
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A wearer activates the flotation device, which literally explodes from the wrist thanks to a CO2 cartridge when you pull the release lever. might be better than nothing, but not as good as just wearing a lifejacket. What if you can't reach that lever? What if you're unconscious? And don't you don't breathe through your arm.

That said, it's a cool little gadget that would give you a heck of a ride zooming up from the bottom of the pool. But a new and improved lifejacket it ain't.

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