Mindful Knitting Podcast- Episode 9 Rose Cardigan, DONE.
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Mindful Knitting Podcast- Episode 9 Rose Cardigan, DONE.

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Добавлено by Анатолий В Кардиган
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Thank you for joining us for episode 9 we seriously cannot believe we’ve started our podcast almost a year ago! Thank you for your support and this was filmed october 15, 2018. :)

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/GlassAnd…
Instagram: @glass_and_fibre

Finished Objects:
Rose Cardigan: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/libr…
Ancient Arts, Frolic
Estelle Double Knit, black

Mineville wool project

Knotty Gloves
Adam & Eden, Red Fox

Half Finished Object:
Kathfish Fibre Arts, Deep Forest
a&b fibre works

west coast wools

Works in Progress:
Adam & Eve

Twisted Sisters, Alpaca merino and nylon
Titus, Tantum 004

Knitpicks Aloft & Palette, Blush

West Coast Wools

Rose Hill Yarn, Papa Midnight

Midnight Maker, Sidewalk and Pocket Change and Afternoon tea

Mindfulness Note

A highly-focused mental state in which you’re so involved in an activity that nothing else matters, flow leaves no attention to devote to anything else. And when you emerge from the zone, you’ll hopefully have created something beautiful, or at least useful. That sense of accomplishment and creativity, in and of itself, makes knitting worthwhile

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