Melania Sends Blunt Message To Liberals On Back Of Her $39 Jacket As She Visited Immigrant Kids
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Melania Sends Blunt Message To Liberals On Back Of Her $39 Jacket As She Visited Immigrant Kids

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Melania Trump was allegedly spotted wearing a $39 jacket that sent a very straightforward message to her critics, especially her liberal fans who loathe her so much even though she’s an immigrant too. The first lady was seen boarding a plane and two major sources have posted photographs of her in the jacket and opened the door for her haters to come after her with their fake outrage over what the message said and where she was going. She was on her way to visit some immigrant children and she was sporting a light green jacket that reportedly stated one short sentence that caused a massive liberal meltdown on Twitter. It was bad enough to make a grown man claim to be speechless. The message stated “I really don’t care, do u?”

That was enough to cause even grown men to claim they were speechless on Twitter. However, most of the outrage came from people who seem like they’re just trying to get some attention on social media and increase their followers or ‘likes’ – the truth is that they probably don’t actually care. Of course, whether they care or not is merely speculation, but their outrage seems very generic, forced, fake, and certainly not genuine.

If Melania was actually wearing that jacket, then she was most likely “trolling” her enemies and people who despise her. To see a first lady of the White House wearing a jacket for $39 with a funny message on the back would also make her the most funny first lady in a very long time. If the pictures of her wearing this jacket are confirmed to be real, then Melania Trump just played the biggest joke on the liberals that we’ve seen in quite a while.

Both Yahoo and Daily Mail have posted the pictures which are shown below for you to decide. Some people weren’t sure if someone tried to Photoshop the words on the back of her jacket, or ‘shop the jacket on her entirely. It was later discovered on Twitter that someone had asked Melania’s spokesperson about the jacket and it appears to now be confirmed, if that’s what this Twitter post suggests. Meridith McGraw posted this information for all to see.

The best part about the $39 jacket reportedly from Zara is all the emotional outrage pouring out of social media over a little joke. If Melania Trump was wearing that jacket, then she just pranked every single one of her overzealous critics and “Trump haters.” The liberals seem to be more worried about generic emotional responses, a silly jacket, and using their fake outrage to beef up their Facebook and Twitter statistics. It doesn’t matter what Donald and Melania do, they will always be criticized, just like every other couple living in the White House was. Every president and first lady face scrutiny, but it seems to have increased with the Trump family because they’re not Democrats. It seems like they’re even bigger targets because they stopped Hillary from being the first female president in American history.

Now people on social media just whine about everything hoping they get a ton of reactions. Everyone wants their five minutes of fame, even if they have to act like they’re bothered by a jacket. If someone saw this in public, they wouldn’t care, would you? No. Most people would not care. Most people wouldn’t think or look twice. It would be a non-issue. However, if Melania is flying to visit immigrants, of which she is one herself, then all of a sudden it’s blown out of proportion and liberals are painting her to be the red skinned devil living in fire.

I hope Melania Trump wears this jacket more often because it just shows the weakness of her critics who find a reason to complain about everything. In reality, the question is fully legit because – I really don’t care, do you?

This is the type of nonsense showing up on Twitter all because of an alleged and unproven photo showing Melania Trump in a jacket with a funny message.

Zac’s Twitter account at the time of this article stated in his information “NOW: Dem strategist & President of Petkanas Strategies | FORMER: 2016 @HillaryClinton Dir. of Rapid Response | @HarryReid Comms Dir. | @TheDemocrats Sr Adviser”

That’s even funnier. He seems to like Hillary Clinton, so maybe he’s mad that Melania is in the White House and his girl Hillary is tumbling down steps in other countries.

Good for Melania. She’s a better lady in the White House anyway.

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