Lonzo Ball 18 Points/11 Assists/6 Threes Full Highlights (3/3/2018)
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Lonzo Ball 18 Points/11 Assists/6 Threes Full Highlights (3/3/2018)

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Real talk incoming: I preferred Lonzo Ball when his poofy hair combined with his pockmarked face to make him look like a slice of pepperoni pizza. Generally speaking, the more an NBA player looks like a food item, the more I like them. Ball, sadly, no longer looks like any type of food. He looks like a human being. Lame.

Ball kinda dropped out of the public consciousness a little bit as he was injured and his brothers started playing in Lithuania. Even though he was the one who was a real-life NBA player, the rest of his family got all the headlines while he got to sit on the bench in a suit and clap politely for his teammates. Hopefully this game changes that, because NBA news outlets covering non-NBA topics annoys me. Yes, I realize how hypocritical this is for me to say. I don't care. At least I never talk about politics/Lavar Ball. But there's so much real NBA stuff to talk about! Like, the Lakers just signed Travis Wear and no one even noticed. That's like five stories worth of material right there.

One of Ball's 11 assists even reached Ware, which means that, according to my new method of fairly and accurately calculating assists based on the quality of the players assisted, Ball ended up with 20 dimes. A dime to Ware counts decuple. 18 and 20. That sounds really good to my ears. Not to mention the six triples. Who said he couldn't shoot? Anyone who watched him play this year, but now things are changing!

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