Bathurst Garbage
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Bathurst Garbage

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Добавлено by Анатолий В Реглан
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My first destination for my September road trip last year was Bathurst, a well known regional city in the NSW Central Tablelands. After driving for about 3 hours from home and wiping out a kangaroo just outside Lithgow, I finally made it to Bathurst City Council around 5:15am, greeted by a local frosty and dark morning. The council boys were already out and about with their trucks, roaming the streets with the main roads swiftly cleaned up. First thing I actually did was check out the Bathurst CBD in hope of whatever C&I action I could find - but this was basically just a headache of a choice in the end, found a neat truck, yet only got teased =[ I then shot back to the Monday domestic collection zone on the eastern end of the council, starting my search through the streets of Kelso for a side loader.

It seemed to take forever until I tracked down the first truck, with me following a never ending trail of empty bins, in and out of a heap of streets until I eventually made it to a no-through-road section. Here on the job was a 2012 model truck doing the weekly garbage pick-up, and I was later directed to the neighbouring suburb of Raglan, where I would catch a newer 2014 model collection vehicle as I planned to! After 2.5 hours I’d finally caught footage of these two council trucks, which proved to be a very frustrating exercise, involving some annoying backtracking and unwanted time wastage. The result of my efforts is this single video, featuring alternating clips of fleet #2929 and #3078 to create some variety. Both trucks are Superior Pak Raptors with Iveco ACCOs as the chassis selection, identical body signage between the two, just different ages, and of course the aggressive and smoother bin lifters set them apart.

Bathurst runs 3 side loaders for weekly garbage collections in-house, plus a 4th smaller 4x2 Hino may still exist too. FYI previous trucks I know of were also ACCOs, but the council actually used to operate MacDonald Johnston side load bodies. In April 2016 a new regional contract commenced with Bathurst, other adjacent councils and JR Richards to look after kerbside bin services. This also saw the introduction of a weekly organics (food and garden waste) service to upgrade the existing 2-bin-systems in each LGA, reducing the amount of green waste disposed of in landfill. In the case of Bathurst, the council has maintained the weekly garbage pick-up with day labour staff and JR Richards was appointed to continue handling recycling and begin organics. I really wanted to catch the Bathurst recycling trucks that started in late 2007, but I never got out there by deadline, and sadly the clock didn’t allow me to capture footage of a new recycling truck on this occasion :/

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