2018 Bristow Open
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2018 Bristow Open

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Добавлено by Анатолий В Спортивный костюм
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After 3 years away from the sport, and after losing 17 kg bodyweight [dropping down 2 weight divisions], this is my results from my comeback to the Powerlifting platform.

I was wearing the same Squat suit and Bench shirt I used when I weighed over 108 kg, so I didn't get a huge amount of support out of them.

After 71 Powerlifting comps, 37 1st places, 6 N.S.W. State Titles [they stopped having them in 2006], 5 Australian National Titles, & 2 time Australian team member, over a span of 22 years, and a break of 3 years from the platform, I wonder what the next phase of my Powerlifting career holds!

I once set a goal of doing over 100 Powerlifting comps, so who knows ...

Still, this is a starting point for the second phase of my Powerlifting career.

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